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Les données PPR sont fournis à titre informatif. THEMATIQUE Par défaut, la recherche s’étend aquitaine PDF tous les thèmes. TERRITOIRE Par défaut, la recherche s’étend sur toute l’Aquitaine voire sur le bassin Adour-Garonne concernant l’Eau. Réitérez pour plusieurs mots-clé en les séparant d’une virgule.

Pour toute remarque ou question concernant les informations publiées sur ce site, merci de contacter: pig. France by marriage to Hugh Capet. Adelaide was the daughter of William III, Duke of Aquitaine and Adele of Normandy, daughter of Rollo of Normandy. Her father used her as security for a truce with Hugh Capet, whom she married in 969. In 987, after the death of Louis V, the last Carolingian king of France, Hugh was elected the new king with Adelaide as queen. They were proclaimed at Senlis and blessed at Noyon.

Hugh apparently trusted in her judgement and allowed her to take part in government: he proposed her to negotiate for him with the regent of the German Empire, empress Theophanu, committing himself beforehand to their agreement. A number of other daughters are less reliably attested. Women’s Biography: Adelaide of Aquitaine, queen of the Franks ». Archived from the original on 12 June 2012. This article related to women’s history is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. This biography of a French peer or noble is a stub.

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