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DAD-IS is the Domestic Animal Diversity Information System maintained and developed by FAO. It provides you with access to searchable databases of breed-related information and photos and links to other online resources on livestock diversity. Furthermore, you can find the contact information of all National Coordinators for the Management of Animal Genetic Resources. The roles and values of animal genetic resources remain diverse, particularly with bizet PDF to the livelihoods of poor people.

There are around 8800 livestock breeds of 38 different species in the world, providing a diversity of products and services. Many breeds have unique characteristics that can contribute to meeting challenges related to climate change. The threats to animal genetic resources need to be better identified and their potential effects better assessed, so that action can be taken. Establishing and sustaining effective livestock breeding programmes are still major challenges for many countries.

The world’s livestock diversity remains at risk. DAD-IS provides you with tools to monitor national breed populations and with this, to make informed decisions on the management of animal genetic resources. You can measure progress made towards target 2. Observing the proportion of local breeds, classified as being at risk, not-at risk or of unknown level of risk of extinction, the SDG indicator 2. 2, helps you to understand the situation of the genetic diversity of farmed and domesticated animals.

Somba cattle are small, hardy, trypanotolerant taurins which are traditionally reared in a mixed farming system. Pure somba are important in traditional ceremonies. Peulh immigrants who have brought their zebus with them. The number of purebred Somba is falling sharply.

Traditional livestock keepers: guardians of domestic animal diversity, pp. FAO Interdepartmental Working Group on Biological Diversity for Food and Agriculture. Cette page est en semi-protection longue. Si ce bandeau n’est plus pertinent, retirez-le.

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