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3 petites terrines en céramique de 7,5 cm de diamètre pour présenter toutes les recettes de terrines, foie gras, rillettes etc… Un livre de recettes adaptées aux mini-terrines.

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This article needs additional citations for verification. This article reads like a review rather than an encyclopedic description of the subject. Joining the judging panel as a regular guest was chef Matt Moran. A twist used in past series of the show to bring back eliminated contestants for a second chance was dropped for series 3. While the weekly routine was mostly unchanged, there were some small differences in series 3. Sunday night’s challenge were not restricted to a Mystery Box Challenge and an Invention Test, with Team and Offsite Challenges also used.

The Tuesday night challenge was modified: now known as an immunity challenge rather than a celebrity chef challenge, the standing of the opponent varied, with anyone from a home cook to an apprentice or a well-known chef appearing. Alex Glasson was initially eliminated at the final stage of the Top 50 portion of the show, but received the final Top 24 spot after Paul Lombardi had to quit due to work commitments. The full Top 24 were revealed on Sunday, 8 May. At the first Top 24 challenge, it was revealed that Paul had quit the competition due to work commitments and Alex, who had been eliminated in the Top 50 portion, was entered as his replacement. Series Premiere: Top 50 Part 1 – The top 50 began with a giant mystery box challenge, using commonly bought ingredients. The ten worst performers were sent into a chocolate elimination challenge led by Adriano Zumbo. The five contestants who produced the worst dishes were eliminated from the competition.

Top 50 Part 2 – The remaining 45 contestants competed in a three-stage basic skills test. The five slowest to prepare 2 kg of potatoes for chips, to hand whisk a basic mayonnaise, and to correctly segment a whole chicken went into an elimination round of scone-making. The five with the least consistent and worst tasting scones were eliminated from the competition. Top 50 Part 3 – 40 contestants competed in a Pressure Test, vying for six spots in the Top 24. They each had two hours to complete a dessert tasting plate set by Maggie Beer. Most contestants struggled with such a challenge, one not presenting a dish to the judges because he felt it was not of acceptable quality. Of the four that chose fishing, all caught at least one fish, while crocodile was revealed as the mystery ingredient for the remaining six.

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