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It was first performed in London on evan Lorn PDF April 1738. In late 1737 the King’s Theatre, London, commissioned Handel to write two new operas.

Hier soir, Evan a trouvé un étrange livre contenant des formules magiques chez sa grand-mère. Pourtant la magie est interdite depuis longtemps à Bord-de-mer. Plus étrange encore sont les terribles incidents qui frappent les habitants depuis peu. Des enfants disparaissent mystérieusement sans laisser de traces. De plus, des tombes sont profanées et pillées au cimetière. Le village est bouleversé et le Conseil n’arrive pas a trouvé de raison et encore moins de solution à ces horribles évènements. A qui profitent tous ces méfaits? Qui sont les responsables de ces effroyables actes? Que faisait cet étrange grimoire en possession de sa grand-mère? Evan, accompagné de ses amis Mina et Andy, va mener l’enquête. Ce qu’il va découvrir va changer sa vie à jamais. Quel sont les terribles secrets que cachent le village de Bord-de-mer?

The first, Faramondo, was premiered on 3 January 1738. By this time, Handel had already begun work on Serse. The first production was a complete failure. The audience may have been confused by the innovative nature of the work.

Serse disappeared from the stage for almost two hundred years. It enjoyed its first modern revival in Göttingen on 5 July 1924 in a version by Oscar Hagen. By 1926 this version had been staged at least 90 times in 15 German cities. Serse was produced for the stage at the La Scala Theater in Milan, Italy in January 1962.

A complete recording was made in 1979. A particularly highly acclaimed production, sung in English, was staged by the English National Opera in 1985, to mark the 300th anniversary of the composer’s birth. The King of Persia, Serse, gives effusive, loving thanks to the plane tree for furnishing him with shade. Arsamene with his buffoon-like servant Elviro enters, looking for Arsamene’s sweetheart Romilda.

They stop as they hear her singing from the summerhouse. Romilda is making gentle fun of Serse with her song. He is in love with a tree, but the tree does not return his affection. Serse tells Romilda that he wants her for his queen and when Arsamene remonstrates Serse banishes him. Romilda is determined to remain faithful to the man she loves, Arsamene.

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