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Après avoir vaincu Tomioka, Kiichi a dû être hospitalisé suite à ses blessures. Un inconnu apparaît alors dans sa chambre d’hôpital. S’agit-il du mystérieux Phantom Joe ? Et que veut-il à Kiichi ? De son côté, Kiryu se dirige vers les monts Shatchi pour y rencontrer Phantom Joe. Sur place, il découvre une incroyable vérité…

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All content is available under the Open Government Licence v3. We approve A to D credits, no equipment restrictions. 1993, is a national small-ticket equipment leasing company located in Hauppauge, NY. I was an employee of Advanta about 2. Upon this news they felt they could shut down their « non-profitable » leasing division as a tax write-off and have plenty of money to give out generous severance packages.

I just spoke with Michele in the ‘funding dept’ at Advanta regarding 1 deal we have approved with them. She indicated that they will accept documents for approved deals thru 2-26-01 for funding for all Brokers. I reached her by calling Bill Beard’s old number 800-357-3676, X3718. There are 3 ‘funding girls’ there finalizing the funding of approved Broker deals thru 2-26-01.

Please call her to confirm and help resolve your concern. They also confirmed that when they left everyone go on Tuesday they did not have right people retained to process the funding checks. The transaction was ready to fund buy no one was available to sign off on checks. That has been corrected and they expect to have all checks out next week and will fund per the letter.

Also confirmed that everyone was given very generous severance packages. Told me that employees were treated very well and given very generous severance packages. It’s a departure from what most companies exiting our industry have done. I would like to concur with the remarks made by Ted Pritchard of Smokey Mountain Funding, Inc regarding the demise of Advanta. I can’t say that I am fully aware of the circumstances that caused their swift exit from the leasing business but will always carry a favorable impression of every employee that I had the pleasure of dealing with.

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