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PDF Experte 12 Home PDF Experte 12 Home ist die umfassende PDF-Lösung zum Erstellen und Konvertieren von PDF-Dateien. Mit der intuitiven Benutzeroberfläche, die Sie nun auch selbst an Ihre eigenen Bedürfnisse anpassen können, bietet Ihnen der PDF Experte eine Vielzahl an Funktionen rund um die PDF-Bearbeitung. ABBYY ACEBIT Acronis ADC-Soft Adobe Systems Inc. In the Shadows of Ghosts Learn the techniques the RSA Incident Response team used to identify and remediate a breach attributed to the threat actor group CARBANAK. Your Cybersecurity Strategy Get a high-level view of what GDPR compliance entails and discover three essential tools that can ease your compliance journey.

The Evolution of the CISO Global 1000 CISOs reveal the unexpected skills they’ve had to acquire to transform cybersecurity and achieve business goals. Spotlight on Ovum Research and consulting firm Ovum Ltd. Explains how business-driven security can help companies manage digital risk more effectively. RSA Fundamentals Elevate your organization’s cybersecurity and GRC maturity with best practices from a global leader in both disciplines. Identity governance helps manage the risk robots and IoT devices present.

Don’t let fraudsters steal the loyalty reward points you have worked so hard to build. What are hackers adding to their holiday wish list this year? RSA Point of View Uniquely linking business context with security incidents to help organizations manage risk and protect what matters most. The Internet of Sensors is booming, but we don’t have a way to secure it. Theoretical physicists pose theories to understand the universe. A theoretical riskicist poses theories on the future of risk management.

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