Henri-Georges Clouzot cinéaste PDF

Brazilian henri-Georges Clouzot cinéaste PDF, writer, journalist, lawyer and ex-President of the United Nations’ International Law Committee. Writer Jorge Amado is her second cousin.

Louis Jouvet who toured in Brazil during World War II. Vera married the actor, taking part in the company’s South American tour that lasted almost four years. After World War II, Vera settled in Paris. Louis Jouvet took over the direction of the Athenée Theater, while she continued to do small roles.

Clouzot named his production company, Véra Films, after his wife. She made only three films, all directed by her husband. Clouzot and Véra took a film crew with them to Véra’s homeland in Brazil for their honeymoon, where Clouzot made his first attempt at directing a documentary film. The Brazilian government took issue with Clouzot filming the poverty of people in the favelas rather than the more picturesque parts of Brazil. Véra died in Paris in 1960, aged 46, from a heart attack, shortly after the filming of La Vérité.

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