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What makes this particular song unique within the musical is its unusual hard rock style, since most of the songs in the jesu My Dearest Friend PDF have a more operatic style. Early in the musical’s production, Andrew Lloyd Webber met Jim Steinman, who described « The Phantom of the Opera » as a rock song invading an opera house. The Phantom of the Opera » song was also specially arranged by the show’s original orchestrator, David Cullen, for a virtuoso cello version for cellist Julian Lloyd Webber, Andrew’s brother, for the CD Lloyd Webber Plays Lloyd Webber. Ray Repp sued Andrew Lloyd Webber over the main melody of Phantom, claiming that it was based on his folk song « Till You » which he recorded in 1978.

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Webber won the case however, with the counter-claim that the section of « Phantom » in question was actually based on Webber’s « Close Every Door », which was written before Till You. In addition, Roger Waters of Pink Floyd had asserted that Andrew Lloyd Webber had plagiarised the intro section from the Pink Floyd song « Echoes », which largely resembles it, although he decided against filing a lawsuit. Yeah, the beginning of that bloody Phantom song is from Echoes. I couldn’t believe it when I heard it. But I think that life’s too long to bother with suing Andrew fucking Lloyd Webber. Sarah Brightman Steve Harley The Phantom of the Opera 1986 Single.

In January 1986, the original version of « The Phantom of the Opera » was released as a single to promote the upcoming musical of the same name. The duet was performed by Sarah Brightman and Steve Harley. 7, and remaining within the Top 100 for ten weeks. In 1984, Andrew Lloyd Webber and producer Cameron Mackintosh began working on the Phantom of the Opera musical. Sarah Brightman, whom Webber married in 1984, was set to play the heroine Christine.

As development of the musical continued, Webber decided that releasing the title track as a pop single would be a good way of promoting the upcoming musical, and to « test the water » in terms of public reception. Batt phoned Steve Harley with the offer of singing the role of the Phantom on the track, and duly suggested Harley to Webber. Batt believed Harley’s voice was just right for the song. Harley had to audition for the recording of the song at Webber’s home. Speaking to Number One magazine’s Debbi Voller in February 1986, Harley revealed: « I don’t mean to boast but after only singing one verse he told me I’d got the job!

Speaking of the recording of the song, Harley said: « I felt a bit like a fish out of water. Sarah would record her part perfectly then leave, and I’d have to stay until I hit those notes. In the 2005 Behind the Mask documentary, Harley recalled: « I’d never done a duet. I knew Sarah could sing with an angelic soprano. 7 in the UK in early February. At the time of its success, the UK press reported the rumour that Brightman had not wanted to work with Harley due to a negative review he gave on radio years before of one of her previous records. In the 23 March 1986 issue of the Mail on Sunday’s You magazine, Brightman commented: « That was just a joke.

I was very pleased to work with him. Harley did not gain instant recognition for his role. He commented to the Daily Star in February 1986: « It’s crazy. Here I am back in the charts and not even my nearest and dearest know it’s me. But, in a way, I like my face not being seen. It’s great to have fame and anonymity at the same time.

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