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Malgré la disparition de Chocolatto, Secco s’avère un adversaire diablement plus dangereux que son maître, d’autant qu’il a compris que Buccellati était venu rencontré quelqu’un au Colisée. La situation est au plus mal car le Boss s’est déplacé en personne et Buccellati n’est plus qu’un mort-vivant, incapable de distinguer les gens qui l’accompagnent…

Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. The story begins in 1987, centered on troublesome student Jotaro Kujo, grandson of Joseph Joestar through his daughter Holly, who moved from America to Japan. Jotaro has been arrested for hospitalizing four men, and refuses to leave his cell, claiming that their injuries were caused by an evil spirit possessing him. One Stand user after another is defeated, but manage to foil the group’s travel by plane and ship.

However, one of these assassins, Jean Pierre Polnareff, is saved and recruited into the group. In Calcutta, the group encounters gunslinger Hol Horse and serial killer J. Geil, the man who murdered Polnareff’s teen sister. Though Polnareff avenges his sister, Avdol is seemingly killed by Hol Horse as he escapes. Upon arriving in Abu Simbel, the heroes are joined by Iggy, a moody Boston Terrier with a Stand of his own. They are immediately attacked by N’Doul and his Stand Geb, one of nine Egyptian God Stands.

Kakyoin is wounded in the fight and is taken to a hospital to recuperate. The four heroes are led to Dio’s casket by the idiotic Nukesaku, only to be greeted by the latter’s mutilated body inside the casket. A chase across Cairo follows, and eventually Kakyoin and Joseph confront Dio. However, Kakyoin is impaled by Dio’s Stand and flung aside. In his dying moments, Kakyoin deduces that The World is able to stop time, and uses the last of his energy to destroy a clock tower.

Joseph understands the message and passes it on to Jotaro, but at the cost of his own life. He uses the Stand Star Platinum, whose power is incredible strength, speed, and precision. Jotaro’s grandfather, and the title character of the previous part of the series, Battle Tendency. Cairo, and an ally of Joseph and Jotaro. He uses the Stand Magician’s Red, which allows him to manipulate fire. Jotaro, who uses the Stand Hierophant Green, which he can shrink down to enter people and control them from the inside, or perform a long-ranged attack using blasts of green energy known as Emerald Splash.

Stand can shed its armor to increase its agility and speed exponentially. Boston Terrier who uses the Stand The Fool, which manipulates sand and dust. Joseph and the mother of Jotaro Kujo. Although most Stands are used for fighting, hers works against her gentle, non-violent soul and slowly makes her sick. He uses the Stand The World, a close-combat Stand, similar to Star Platinum and capable of stopping time for brief intervals. She uses the Stand Justice, which takes the form of a mist that takes control over anyone with an open wound, allowing Enya to control them as she would a marionette.

Having originally planned the series as a trilogy, Araki thought to have the final confrontation set in present-day Japan. But he did not want it to be a tournament affair, which was popular in Weekly Shōnen Jump at the time, and therefore decided to make it a « road movie » inspired by Around the World in Eighty Days. Araki said he had a lot of readers asking him to bring older characters back. Although he is not a fan of bringing them back simply for nostalgia, he did not hesitate having Joseph return to save his daughter because it is completely true to the character. The author thought of having Joseph drop out partway through due to his age, but ended up « playing it by ear » as serialization continued. With the series meant to be long-running, Araki took great care in deciding which unique Stand user to put the main cast against and when, in order to keep readers interested.

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