Les Précieuses ridicules PDF

17th-century comedy of manners in verse written by Molière. It was first performed on 4 June 1666 at the Théâtre du Palais-Royal, Paris by the King’s Players. The play satirizes the hypocrisies of French aristocratic society, but it also engages a more serious tone when pointing out the flaws which all humans possess. Because both Tartuffe and Dom Juan, two of Molière’s previous plays, had already been banned by les Précieuses ridicules PDF French government, Molière may have subdued his actual ideas to make his play more socially acceptable.

Magdelon et Cathos, deux provinciales éprises de passions nobles et de bons mots, cherchent à Paris le grand amour et les échanges élevés découverts dans les livres. Mais quand Gorgibus, père de Magdelon et oncle de Cathos, organise une rencontre avec deux prétendants choisis pour elles, les deux jeunes femmes les ridiculisent de telle façon qu’ils échafaudent une vengeance commune.Cette comédie en un acte et en prose, la première de Molière, épingle avec férocité les ridicules de la préciosité, de l’arrivisme et de l’affectation bourgeoise.

Alceste  The protagonist and « misanthrope » of the title. He is quick to criticize the flaws of everyone around him, including himself. He cannot help but love Célimène though he loathes her behaviour. Célimène  A young woman who is courted by Alceste, Oronte, Acaste, and Clitandre.

Much to the horror of his friends and companions, Alceste rejects la politesse, the social conventions of the seventeenth-century French salon. I mean to break with the whole human race ». Despite his convictions, however, Alceste cannot help but love the flighty and vivacious Célimène, a consummate flirt whose wit and frivolity epitomize the courtly manners that Alceste despises. Though he constantly reprimands her, Célimène refuses to change, charging Alceste with being unfit for society.

Despite his sour reputation as « the misanthrope », Alceste does have women pining for him, particularly the prudish Arsinoé and the honest Eliante. Though he acknowledges their superior virtues, his heart still lies with Célimène. His deep feelings for her primarily serve to counter his negative expressions about mankind, since the fact that he has such feelings includes him amongst those he so fiercely criticizes. When Alceste insults a sonnet written by the powerful noble, Oronte, he is called to stand trial. Refusing to dole out false compliments, he is charged and humiliated, and resolves on self-imposed exile.

Arsinoé, in trying to win his affections, shows him a love letter Célimène wrote to another suitor. He discovers that Célimène has been leading him on. He gives her an ultimatum: he will forgive her and marry her if she runs away with him to exile. Célimène refuses, believing herself too young and beautiful to leave society and all her suitors behind. 15, 1905 at the New Amsterdam Theatre. The Misanthrope was first performed at the Stratford Festival in 1981. Modern adaptations of the play have been written by Tony Harrison and Liz Lochhead.

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Les précieuses ridicules PDF

The original play is in French but, like many of Molière’s plays, it has been translated into many different languages. Scapin constantly lies and tricks people to get ahead. He is an arrogant, pompous man who les précieuses ridicules PDF as if nothing were impossible for him.


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