Napoleon aux Invalides PDF

This article needs additional citations for verification. After defeat in the War of the Sixth Coalition in 1814, Napoleon abdicated as emperor napoleon aux Invalides PDF the French, and was exiled to the Mediterranean island of Elba. The following year he returned to France, took up the throne, and began the Hundred Days.

In a codicil to his will, written in exile at Longwood House on St Helena on 16 April 1821, Napoleon had expressed a wish to be buried « on the banks of the Seine, in the midst of the French people loved so much ». Chambre des Députés on 2 October 1830. It was, nonetheless, Louis-Philippe’s policy to try to regain « all the glories of France », to which he had dedicated the Château de Versailles, turning it into a museum of French history. Yet he was still reluctant and had to be convinced to support the project against his own doubts. Gentlemen, the King has commanded His Royal Highness the Prince de Joinville to take a frigate to the island of Saint Helena to receive the mortal remains of the Emperor Napoleon . We come to ask you for the means to receive them onto French soil in a dignified fashion and to raise a final resting place for Napoleon . The minister then introduced a bill to authorise « funding of 1 million for translation of the Emperor Napoleon’s mortal remains to the Église des Invalides and for construction of his tomb ».

A heated discussion began in the press, raising all sorts of objections as to the theory and to the practicalities. On 25 and 26 May the bill was discussed in the Chambre. It was proposed by Bertrand Clauzel, an old soldier of the First French Empire who had been recalled by the July Monarchy and promoted to Marshal of France. Although I am an admirer of this great man, I am not enthusiastic about him with neither recollection nor foresight. In conclusion Lamartine invited France to show that « she to create out of this ash war, tyranny, legitimate monarchs, pretenders, or even imitators ».

Hearing this peroration, which was implicitly directed against him, Thiers looked devastated on his bench. France, you have seen him again! Your people, a whole people reaching out from your riverbanks, Holds out its arms to Napoleon. On 4 or 6 June General Bertrand was received by Louis-Philippe, who gave him the Emperor’s arms, which were placed in the treasury. It is to Your Majesty, to Your solemn and patriotic outlook, that we owe the fulfilment of the Emperor’s last wishes, wishes that he particularly expressed to me on his deathbed in circumstances that can never fade from my memory. May the hero’s sword become the palladium of the fatherland.

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