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Nelson Mandela, who passed nelson Mandela PDF in 2013, would have been almost 100 years old today. Most of us are familiar with his imprisonment and anti-Apartheid work, but here are a few things you might not know about this inspiring leader. The number indicates that he was the 466th prisoner of 1964.

Pour tout savoir sur la vie de l’un des personnages les plus célèbres de l’Histoire.

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AIDS awareness campaign and the name of a series of charity concerts. Mandela and his cousin Justice ran away from home in 1941 to avoid arranged marriages. He finally did get to marry for love in 1944, to Evelyn Mase, but their relationship was soon marred by tragedy. Their second child, Makaziwe, died at just nine months old. Mandela was in prison in 1969, and Makgatho Lewanika, who died of AIDS in 2005. In November 2009, the United Nations General Assembly declared July 18, his birthday, « Mandela Day. It’s a national celebration and recognition of Mandela’s contributions to freedom.

HIS ELECTION AS SOUTH AFRICA’S PRESIDENT BROKE NEW GROUND. He was South Africa’s first democratically elected president. He was also the country’s first black president, and the oldest person elected to the office. His inauguration united the largest number of heads of state since U. HIS FIRST NAME WASN’T ACTUALLY NELSON. Mandela’s given name was Rolihlahla, which his schoolteachers were unable to pronounce. One of them started calling him Nelson after British admiral Horatio Nelson, and the name obviously stuck.

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