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The Arches was a bar, arts venue, theatre, live music venue and nightclub in Glasgow, Scotland, which first opened in 1991. The site of the venue was a previously derelict area below the Glasgow Central railway station, which open house : Duncan Wylie PDF converted to house the exhibition Glasgow’s Glasgow during the city’s year as European City of Culture. In early 2007, The Arches was voted 12th best club in the world by DJs in a DJ Magazine poll. In January 2008, Andy Arnold left The Arches to become the artistic director at the Tron Theatre.

He was succeeded as Artistic Director and Joint Chief Executive by Jackie Wylie, formerly the venue’s Arts Programmer. In April 2015, The Arches announced on Facebook that their nightclub licence had been removed from them. DJs, artists, performers showed anger all over the world. In June 2015, The Arches announced on social media that the company would go into administration and would have no choice but to close down the facility.

The Arches building was reopened as Platform food market since February 2018. When Jackie Wylie took over the arts programme in 2008, The Arches built on its increasing reputation for nurturing emergent talent from across the country. It is as significant as Battersea Arts Centre, in London, in the way it nurtures tomorrow. The Arches played host to club nights since 1992 with some nights being promoted by outside companies and others being in-house productions. One of the first club nights to be hosted in The Arches, Slam ran every Friday between 1992 and 1998. Originally the night was held in now defunct Glasgow venue Tin Pan Alley and later The Sub Club.

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