Petit Futé Amiens PDF

The University of Provence Aix-Marseille I was a public university mostly located in Aix-en-Provence and Marseille. With roots dating back to 1409, the University was established in 1969 through a merger of the school of humanities in Aix-en-Provence and the science one in Marseille. In the academic petit Futé Amiens PDF of 2007-2008, 23,056 students were enrolled.

Among them, 15,158 were female, while only 7,898 were male. 3,255 students came from countries outside France, 44 per cent of these came from Africa. In 2007, the budget was 120,7 million euros, with 39,2 million euros available after wages. It has its own university press, Publications de l’Université de Provence. Georges Duby taught at the University of Provence. Sadaf Foroughi and Kiarash Anvari are graduates of the film studies department. Gilles-Gaston Granger taught there from 1964 to 1986.

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