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Please forward this error screen to portraits s. No artist has left a loftier or more penetrating personal testament than Rembrandt van Rijn. In more than 90 portraits of himself that date from the outset of his career in the 1620s to the year of his death in 1669, he created an autobiography in art that is the equal of the finest ever produced in literature even of the intimately analytical Confessions of St. Rembrandt’s Self Portraits It wasn’t until the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, when scholars studied Rembrandt’s oeuvre as a whole, that it was discovered how very many times the artist had portrayed himself.

Lorsque nos Portraits Souvenirs ont commencé à paraître dans Pilote à la fin des années 70, ils constituaient à beaucoup d’égards une rupture avec les canons alors en vigueur dans la bande dessinée. D’abord et tout simplement, parce qu’ils étaient réalisés par un homme et une femme. L’irruption d’Annie Goetzinger dans le monde exclusivement masculin de la BD réaliste a provoqué un petit séisme dont les répliques se font encore entendre aujourd’hui au profit d’autres femmes lumineuses arrivées depuis dans ce métier. Nos premières histoires sont incontestablement datées. Nous espérons néanmoins qu’elles sont toujours intéressantes pour des lecteurs actuels de bande dessinée. Et bien évidemment pour des lectrices, devenues, elles aussi, beaucoup plus nombreuses au fil des années. Car le véritable genre littéraire dont relèvent ces Portraits Souvenirs, c’est au fond celui du roman d’apprentissage situé dans le monde qui nous entoure… Pierre Christin

The number is still a matter of contention, but it seems he depicted himself in approximately forty to fifty extant paintings, about thirty-two etchings, and seven drawings. Most scholars up till about twenty years ago interpreted Rembrandt’s remarkable series of self-portraits as a sort of visual diary, a forty-year exercise in self-examination. In a 1961 book, art historian Manuel Gasser wrote, « Over the years, Rembrandt’s self-portraits increasingly became a means for gaining self-knowledge, and in the end took the form of an interior dialogue: a lonely old man communicating with himself while he painted. Many of these traditional studies focused particularly on Rembrandt’s late self-portraits, as they reveal this rigorous self-reflection most profoundly. In an influential 1948 monograph on the artist, Jacob Rosenberg wrote of the ceaseless and unsparing observation which reflect, showing a gradual change from outward description and characterisation to the most penetrating self-analysis and self-contemplation. More recent scholarship has shed additional light on Rembrandt’s early self-portrayals.

Quite a few, it is argued, were tronies–head-and-shoulder studies in which the model plays a role or expresses a particular emotion. Ernst van de Wetering sets forth a view that has gained a number of adherents over the past few decades. I who lives and creates solely from within » is one that arose only in the Romantic era, after 1800. Van de Wetering takes pages to build up his argument, but basically he sees that Rembrandt’s « programme » in these self-portraits was to make paintings for which there was a ready market. He points out that a detailed inventory of Rembrandt’s possessions made in 1656, when he faced bankruptcy, included no portrayals of the artist by himself. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. The Big Five’ is synonymous with African safaris.

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