Unix system V PDF

2001, but the project was abandoned. NOTE: This is an early working draft, and unix system V PDF such is not very easy to read.

I apologise for this, but the idea is to produce an outline, which then can be improved up and refined. This document presents a step-by-step approach to securely installing AIX 4. All steps have been tested on Pilot Globe systems. The focus here is on preparing the Operating System to securely run services, rather than the setup of the services themselves. An accompanying tool will be developed to allow corresponding automated hardening.

SGID files, configuring OS security features, and monitoring the system for unusual behaviour. It’s easier to isolate applications, harden and troubleshoot. Be minimalist, only run what is absolutely necessary. Hardware: Consider installation via the serial port console, get rid of the keyboard, screen and framebuffer. X11 and get to know the command line. Have an isolated, trusted network available for testing. Know exactly what the system is supposed to do, what it’s hardware configuration will be etc.

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